GL-Status 0.0.9

I want to develop for GL-Status...

You are welcome! GL-Status is written in C++ using Qt4 GUI library and involves a great deal of OpenGL coding. If you feel confident in one of these areas don't hesitate to jump in. The author of this program uses Qt Creator for day to day (or week to week) work on GL-Status. But you can pick any IDE that suits you. Or if you're not a coder then you may help with translating the application. For this purpose using Qt 4 Linguist is the best way.

If you feel ready for a swim in the project you can find the project site here


GL-Status short term goals:

Make the main window unresizable and minimizable -> DONE
Use offscreen OpenGL context creation for info fetching contexts
Make general info tab robust for every type of hardware and driver
Add some fancy looking logos for hardware, software and driver vendors
Implement sensors ( core speeds, temperatures, fan speeds ) for all possible gpu hardware and show them in general info tab
Add an About tab -> DONE
Create a small pixmap window logo and a svg launcher logo -> DONE
Add a function to create good reports from the contents of general info tab -> DONE

GL-Status mid term goals:

Implement OpenGL support status and extension testing info tab and backends
Implement OpenGL batch testing tab and backends
Add functions to create good reports from the extension support info and test results
Package the program for popular distributions ( Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, FreeBSD )

GL-Status long term goals:

Make the program portable to Mac OS X and provide a binary package
Make the program portable to MS Windows family and provide a binary package