GL-Status 0.0.9

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Download a binary release

There's no binary release at the moment.

Download the source code

You can download the source code of GL-Status here

Compiling GL-Status

Here is a list of what you'll need to compile GL-Status:

  • Qt 4.7.0 with development headers
  • SDL 1.2 with development headers
  • OPENGL and GLEW headers
  • Qt Creator highly recommended

To compile:

  • Extract the source package
  • In a terminal navigate to the newly created source directory
  • Enter command: make

Version 0.1.0 Release Notes


  • Created a save file dialog using the native file dialogs of Gnome/KDE/etc.
  • GL-Status now saves report data as html


  • Fixed a bug in xserver version fetcher that caused wrong version numbers being fetched
  • Moved report data structure to a separate file and report text formatting to report.cpp this should help with program readability
  • Moved report presentation, save dialog window, saving functions and appropriate header inclusions to Report_CLS
  • Fixed a minor path bug that caused pixmaps not being displayed
  • Added a reportString to hold all report information
  • Moved SDL and GLEW header inclusions from glstatusmainwindow.h to implementations that need them to help reduce program binary size
  • This release includes a makefile that should work out of the box with gnu make so Qt Creator or qmake are not necessary to build GL-Status anymore

Version 0.0.9 Release Notes


  • Added AMD/ATI specific gpu core name and shader model info fetchers
  • Added a small window icon
  • Added functionality to add information on general info tab to gl-status report or remove it
  • Added functionality to view gl-status report in main window
  • Added an optional quit button


  • Fixed application text codec for translations and display of non western european alphabets
  • Fixed a bug in intel specific gpu core name fetcher
  • Fixed the kilobytes presentation format as "KB"